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        The Community House was a built in 1932 by the Canteen Co, 1711 Camp Pocahontas as known The C.C.Camp.  Many things happen back then the Mason house had meetings and the Pocahontas City Government had meeting  started with a part-time Mayor.  Records show that many used the Community House for many activities. In the spring of 1941 the School of College known as the beginning of the Southern Baptist College and then moved to Walnut Ridge old airbase in 1948 known today as The Williams Baptist University Walnut Ridge Arkansas.. The building is a historical building.
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These cheerleaders are on the rock wall in front of the Community House as known of the PHS High School...
The Year 1945 Southern Baptist College:
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            The financial support of the school has come without any campaign whatever. Several substantial gifts have come from individuals of outside states who have heard about and realized the value of such an enterprise. Churches, one after another, are taking upon themselves their rightful responsibility for the success of Southern Baptist College. Truly God has led in a marvelous way this part of His will to perform.
This is a rare 1951 Match book was found under the gym floor of the old Community Center know as the old high school building corner of Mason and Marr Street. McFall Chev Pocahontas, Ark.
The year was 1956
This was at the Rock Building as known back then as the Pocahontas Hall:
Mr. H. E. Williams, President of SBC in 1945 as known today Williams Baptist University.
This photo had been taken in between 1950 to 1957 of Skylark Drive Inn near Pocahontas Arkansas..  Pretty neat rare photo..  Contributed by Ken Roe
This came from the last Yearbook, The Ex Libris which was in Pocahontas Arknasas in 1945 and was the last year for classes to be held then moved to the Walnut Ridge Airbase.. Mr. H. E. Williams. name was giving to be The Williams Baptist College in the year of 1946. Today its still name after him as William Bapist University.
The Year was 1975 PHS Football Team